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Editing AVID UNITY, 4 x AVID Media Composer

The picturehouse is an Avid based facility. We have 4 edit suites running Avid Media Composer for HD picture cutting. Media Composer is the top choice for professional film and video editing in the industry. It provides seamless media management and a flexible toolset for creating film and TV content.

Our edit suites are connected to an Avid Unity system which allows all media to be shared throughout the facility. It allows for more than one editor to work on a project simultaneously and provides ultimate security for a project’s assets. The suites are served by a central machine room for input and output of multiple formats.

Our picture-cutting rooms are available for dry-hire.

Grading and Online

​In addition to our editing services the picturehouse offers advanced colour-grading and online editing using our powerful Avid DS system.

Avid DS has a broad toolset which offers clients advanced image manipulation, compositing and graphics creation tools all within the same suite. With DS we can grade your film, replace flat skies, perform green-screen compositing, remove blemishes from an actor’s face, create motion graphics and more, all in the same edit suite.

Avid DS offers clients huge creative flexibility and efficiencies. It eliminates the need to send shots back and forth between different rooms or software to achieve the desired results.

Graphics, Animation & VFX 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, After Effects etc

​The picturehouse has extensive experience in producing and project-managing animation, motion graphics and VFX.

Whether it’s an invisible effect like seamlessly removing a logo from an interviewee’s t-shirt or creating full-scale 3D environment, the picturehouse have the tools and talent to create the effects required.

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